Bill Ingram for Wisconsin State Senate

I'm not a millionaire and I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  I do have a degree in business and I've been in leadership positions most of my life.  I have a wide variety of life experiences and my specialty is common sense problem solving.


I have an extensive background in leadership, management, emergency management and working class economics.  I'm retired from law enforcement with over 20 years of experience.  I am currently or have in the past been a fire fighter, an EMS First Responder, a Director of Emergency Management, a Search and Rescue Pilot, on the County Board, and an instructor for Incident Command, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Basic Life Support, CPR/AED and First Aid.


I served six years in the US Air Force where I spend about two and a half years as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations.  I spent about a year in Europe working VIP protection on an anti-terrorism team.


I've been a farmer and a Vice-President of a software development company.  I designed and developed this website.  I've also done landscaping and home improvement projects.  My first wife owned a flower shop.  At this point, I'd like to say that she is a very private person and has nothing to do with my campaign.  I'd like to ask that everyone respect her privacy.


After retiring from the police department, my wife, Pam, wanted to see the country, so we bought a semi.  This gave us the opportunity to travel extensively across America and talk to working Americans about the problems facing our country.  These are the same problems that face us right here in Wisconsin.


At one point in my life, I ran against a supervisor for a promotion.  He got the promotion and had me terminated.  As a result, I chose to file bankruptcy.  This was ultimately one of the best business decisions that I've made in my life and I have no regrets.  I appealed the termination and was reinstated about a year later, but the financial damage was irreversible.  This whole situation gave me a tremendous insight to the credit industry.  This industry is in need of some serious changes.  I also started writing a book that I'm going to title "Incompetent Authority", which will be a humorous, but serious look into the abuse of political power and trust within management.


Growing up I was in Boy Scouts, 4-H, and FFA.


I am a strong believer in individual rights as long as they do not effect others.  I believe that more laws make more criminals and violators.  Laws also make life complicated.  We need to greatly reduce and simplify our laws.


I enjoy working with Special Olympic fund raisers.  I also like to fly, sail, scuba dive, drive heavy construction equipment and other big rigs, golf, cook, and instruct.  I've owned four Harley Davidsons, but grew up on dirt bikes and snowmobiles. 


I have a very special gift that none of the millionaire candidates have and that is a real insight into the day to day frustrations, needs, and determination of the average working American citizen.  I truly believe I can win this election, because the bottom line is, there are more of us than there are of them and in America, MAJORITY RULES!!!